TurboTax 2011 Unrecoverable error – The Better Fix

4 02 2012

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Turbo Tax 2011 has had problems installing on some Windows 7 computers. They have identified the problem is caused by corrupt versions of Arial and Verdana fonts on some Windows 7 systems.

Intuit have posted some rather long winded and complicated instructions that help recover from the problem. The average computer user would have problems following these instructions. Even worse than that, the fix does not work for all  instances of this problem. The fix did not work for me.

I found a much easier procedure for fixing corrupt font problems on a windows 7 computer, after which TurboTax 2011 installs just fine.

If you get the unrecoverable error installing Turbo Tax 2011 do the following to fix the problem.

Click on Start and then in the search box type

(be sure to hit enter after typing this in)

Then click on the ‘install’ button.

Click Install to recover corrupt font


Repeat the procedure for the Verdana Font.

(be sure to hit enter after typing this in)

and click the instal button once more.

TurboTax 2011 should now install without problems.

This fix should work for Windows Vista systems as well, though I haven’t verified it does.




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4 02 2012
Overcoming TurboTax 2011 Unrecoverable error during install « JPWhite's Tech Blog

[…] (Update 2012-02-04 Intuit have indentified the problem – read more here) […]

7 02 2012

I did all this and it still won’t install. I am getting the same irrecoverable error response. tearing my hair out in frustration

11 02 2012
Correcting TurboTax Update Error ‘File cannot be found in cabinet file TurboTax.cab’ « JPWhite's Tech Blog

[…] Then my install of TurboTax failed, requiring some fancy foor work to overcome until Intuit posted a resolution. That was followed by my return being rejected by the IRS because TurboTax did not submit all pages […]

19 02 2012

Excellent stuff; reinstalling the fonts isn’t difficult, but this method is simply *way* easier. On top of it, installation continued with no error! Super tip I must say, and thank you for providing such valuable information!

11 04 2012
Norman Couture

I received help from a very knowledgable Turbo Tax tech support staff member (Brad). All you need to do is run the setup.exe in silent mode: from the run popup select browse, find your turbo tax setup.exe from your CD, select it and add a space and /s in the Run popup window Open line and hit OK. The third party software is hindering the installation of the software so we did a process called Silent installation for us to make the software bypass these softwares. If you get a message that firewall rule(s) failed just hit ok. When your done you should see a Turbo Tax 2011 icon on your desktop.

7 02 2014
Don Rieck

This solution worked for me, taking about 90 seconds to get my software working again. I encountered this problem after installing TurboTax Premier for 2013 tax year in November 2013 and then using it a few times in December (most others could not even install). The error surfaced when I tried to use it in mid-January 2014. I also had no success with the written stuff on TurboTax’s community help forum. A week ago I spent over 2 1/2 hours on the phone with a TT tech whose was trying everything imaginable. This included most of the time with him having remote access to my computer so he could see what was happening as I followed his instructions. At just before 11:00 PM, after asked if he could put me on hold while he checked “something.” He had done this many times during the phone call. But this time, after about 2 minutes, the phone connection was broken, followed a few minutes later with the online remote connection also terminating. When i called back the outgoing message said support was closed and gave me their hours.

When I had not received a call back by Monday night, I sent a private message after going on their Facebook page detailing every call and results thereof. Tuesday night at 11:00 pm I received an email from a tech who said he was working on it and was I interested in using the online Premier.version. I replied the next day indicating I would wait a short time before making that decision since I now knew it was receiving some attention. I also inquired how we should proceed as to monitoring progress and who would initiate the contact. It is now Friday and I have had no reply (the silence is deafening!).

I am thrilled I found this website and that my problem is solved–no thanks to TurboTax. I’m really disappointed and my faith in the company is seriously damaged.

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