The Power of CraigsList – Car Sold in Under 24 Hours!!

15 08 2011

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Car listed 5pm Saturday evening, sold 2pm Sunday afternoon!! Wow!!

Did I list it too cheap? Not according to Kelly Blue Book. I achieved very close to private party value inside a day.

When I purchased a new car, the dealer offered me $1,200, CarMax offered me $2,000. I knew my car was worth more. So I listed on Craigslist. I got a call the next morning and had cash in hand by 2pm the same day. Oh and I got a whole lot more than the measly dealers offered.

The purchaser said he didn’t even use craiglist to find it, he simply did a search on a 3rd party site and found it. There are several 3rd party search tools, such as SearchTempest that improve the search results.

I’ve never sold anything on CraigsList before, I’ve tried several items, but with very little interest. On eBay motors I would have had to pay all sorts of listing and selling fees. Craiglist just works, and for free :-)