Why I started a Blog

My dad told me to be the quiet one, let the other guy do the talking he’d say, that way you know what he knows and also what you know, he only has the benefit of his own knowledge. I couldn’t disagree more. If we all thought that way there would be no blogs and Google would be worthless. The insanity of this selfish attitude  is perfectly summed up by Yossarian in Joseph Heller’s Catch 22

“From now on I’m thinking only of me.”

Major Danby replied indulgently with a superior smile: “But, Yossarian, suppose everyone felt that way.”

“Then,” said Yossarian, “I’d certainly be a damned fool to feel any other way, wouldn’t I?”

I simply want to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone willing to read. But back to selfishness, the blog also serves as a memory jogger for myself; often a solution discovered gets forgotten and has to be rediscovered later. At least it may save me the trouble of reinventing one of my own wheels. I hope it can help others also.

About Me

I work in the Nashville, TN area as an IT Professional and am a self-confessed geek. You can check out my LinkedIn profile here, I’m open to offers of employment in middle Tennessee.

I like to take photographs (That’s my photo in the page banner). I also walk and play backgammon when I’m not glued to a computer/droid somewhere.

I plan to post mostly technical stuff here, but who knows what may occur as I get better at blogging. Oh yeah I’m a  total blogging noob.

Oh and I can’t write either. (I consistently came 24th out of 28 in spelling tests at school and got an F on my English literature ‘O’ level). So friendly help and advice is welcome.


Disclosure Statement:

Some of my posts will provide links to products and services I have discussed. In most cases the links are just that, links. In a  few cases I have established affiliate accounts with the service or product provider.  Links may include a referral code that typically benefits both the reader and myself, often as extended or expanded service for us both at no extra cost. In a few cases the links will benefit me only but will not include any additional charges to the reader.


5 responses

12 03 2011

I read your Amazon review on the HP Pavilion P6620F – you mentioned that you’re running virtualization on it.

I need an inexpensive machine on which to run Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V, with a few virtual 64-bit machines running as gues instances. I need one like yesterday, and don’t want to play Russian roulette with $500. I have memory I can add.

What were your experiences doing virtualization on this machine?

13 03 2011

I have found with 16GB of memory that it can handle multiple VM’s at the same time. I have a positive experience using this computer to run virtual machines using both VirtualBox and Windows XP mode/Virtual PC

5 07 2011

I’m reaching out for help with a (so far) desperate situation.

My Droid Incredible is stuck in a continuous boot loop. 24-48 hours after downloading a sleep sound generating app (if this is relevant), I was trying to use a different app and a pop-up stated “internal error” and would not load the app. I tried another and same result. I tried to kill all running apps with advanced app killer and same result. I turned off the phone thinking that it would correct when turning it back on but no luck. Now it just power cycles in a continuous boot loop. There has been no solution through tech support or a store visit. I don’t care about the phone. At this point I would like to strap it to a steak and throw it in a lion cage. I do care about the data its holding – none of which is backed up in any way. There is no sd card and no back-up in my gmail account. I need to try and rescue the following data: voice memos from the HTC app, notes from the 3bannana (catch notes) app, photos, videos, apps, bookmarks from the dolphin HD browser and the Android browser, pdf downloads, text messages, call log settings, etc.

I have tried to boot the phone with a sd card installed. I have tried to view the data from a celebrite machine at the verizon store – it sees the drive but not the data. I tried to get into a “safe mode” menu by depressing down volume+center click+menu. I tried to reboot from a safe mode screen by continuously depressing the down button then hitting the power button but this just initiates the boot loop. Nothing has worked.

Is there any desktop software (or any other solution) that would enable me to restore (rescue) the data from the phone while it is in this state?

If there isn’t, please just make something up so I can continue for a while in a delusional state of hope and get over this gradually.

Thank you for your wisdom and mercy.



6 07 2011

Have you tried removing the battery while it is running and just booted up?

27 08 2015

Your information on deregistering an AT&T Handset worked perfect for me!! I found three AT&T handsets with two chargers and no base for a $1. My handsets were different AT&T model number handsets and it still worked! Thank you SO very much for sharing this information! I now have handsets for my bedroom and bathroom too!!

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