Synchronize Online Calendars with Google Calendar

11 03 2010

Several web services offer an integration to iCal compatible calendar applications but may not provide an integration with Google Calendar. There is a way to add and synchronize such online calendars with Google Calendar saving one the time and trouble of visiting multiple websites just to see if you are scheduled for an event.

Here I use an example Web Service called Planning Center Online which is a planning site for religious worship services. However any web service calendar with an iCal link can be synchronized with Google Calendar, here’s how.

1. Locate the interface on your the Web Service to iCal and right click the button or link.

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2. Right click the button or link and select ‘copy shortcut’. (Firefox users select  ‘copy link location’).

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3. Visit Google Calendar. Under ‘Other Calendars  select Add  and then ‘Add by URL’.

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4. At the Add URL dialog press Ctrl-V to paste the link into the dialog box.

5. Change the start of the link from webcal: to http: and click on add calendar.

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You are done!! Enjoy the automatic synchronization between Google Calendar and the web service of your choice :-)

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