Is it worth Pre-Ordering the iPad on March 12th?

8 03 2010

Now that Apple have announced that pre-orders are being taken for the iPad on March 12th with shipments beginning April 3rd I wondered if I should buy one to see what the all the fuss is about.

The Netbook we have is up for replacement so I tried to list the things we do with the Netbook and if the iPad could replace it. The answer is no, and its not even close.

Here are the uses we put the Netbook to :-

  • Call the UK on Skype. The lack of a webcam or USB port to accept the USB  headset we have is an issue. Would need to buy an adapter for USB devices. Not sure if headset is compatible.
  • Watch shows on Hulu – Hulu use Flash, so that rules the iPad out.
  • Play games on Facebook. Once again Flash is the issue.
  • Browse the web and check email. OK the iPad can do that well most of the time.

Since there are problems with Skype, Hulu and Facebook all being limited or non-functional, I think I’ll look for a Netbook instead that has a decent battery life and is faster than the 2nd gen Netbook we have. When you think of it, the iPad makes a poor laptop device, to get the viewing angle right you’d have to hold it with one hand or sit with your legs crossed. Crossed legs doesn’t work too well with a recliner.

Maybe the iPad 2 will be a more compelling device if and when it comes out.




2 responses

9 03 2010
Mike M

What about as a Kindle replacement (admittedly much more expensive!)? Plus the apps that have flooded the iPhone/iPod market have proven to be a rich source of handy gadgets and will obviously trickle down to the iPad.


9 03 2010

Yes I think as a Kindle replacement the iPad is much more compelling, especially if you are into books with color content, such as photography books. The Kindle is black and white so there are some books that will read better on the iPad than the Kindle. Apple have added the iBookstore which makes the e-reader experience should be equivalent to Amazons.

The Kindle has e-ink which is meant to be easier on the eyes.

I’m not in the market for a dedicated e-reader, shame it can’t replace the netbook, e-reading would be a nice feature to try as a bonus feature.

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