New SharePoint 2010 book published by Wrox

15 11 2010

Wrox publishers have released a new SharePoint 2010 book‘Real World SharePoint 2010: Indispensable Experiences from 23 SharePoint MVPs

It promises to be very useful for those looking to setup and/or migrate a SharePoint farm from SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) to SharePoint 2010. My first impressions of the book are that it is very comprehensive and a boon to anyone working with the latest version of SharePoint. Each chapter of the book is written by a different author. The book claims each author is an Microsoft SharePoint MVP so the information should be some of the best available.

I purchased a copy in Kindle format from Amazon. I have found the book to be easy to navigate and search using a Kindle app on my PC. The table of contents is full of hyperlinks so you can quickly get where you want to go. Search is the real reason I got the e-book over the paper book. This type of technical book is very much a reference book, you don’t read it cover to cover like a novel. Being able to search is a very very useful feature. The book is always available to me on my Android phone or my Kindle or a PC; no leaving it at home or have the inconvenience of lugging this heavy book around.

Amazon are quite a bit cheaper than Barnes & Noble for both the paperback or the electronic e-book. Amazon are selling the title for about $28/$31 versus $33/$36 at B&N. Interestingly the Kindle e-book is $3 dollars cheaper than the paperback, but the Nook Book is $3 more. I wonder why Barnes & Noble want to charge more for the e-book?  The cover price is $49.99 so both retailers are discounting heavily.

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I have included below a list of the chapter titles to give you a flavor of what the book contains.

So buy it here while you can!!


Office 2010 Installation Woes

4 12 2009

My first two installations of Office 2010 went very smoothly, however the third was definitely not a  charm. During the installation I ran into two errors.

Error 1310. Error writing to file: C:\Windows\Installer\21c0d0.msi.    Verify that you have access to that directory.’

Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {4FB1241B-9730-4DF1-B83B-1E9CFB73AAE4}. HRESULT: 0x80070005.

The second error caused the installation to fail and abort. Even running the install as administrator did not result in success, though the first error was resolved by doing so. Each time I ran the install it would fail at a different place in the install.

Eventually after rebooting many times and disabling various applications such as Carbonite and retrying it finally succeeded. I subsequently found some blogs complaining about similar problems during install of the 2010 office beta. The applications that seem to come up on the blogs are Panda AV and Microsoft Security Essentials. I do run Security essentials on all the three computers I installed Office 2010 on, so the problem would appear to be somewhat random, but I suspect security essentials contributed to the problems.

My advice to those installing office 2010 is disable security essentials (and other applications) and be sure to run the installer as administrator.

Update 2010-05-01

The final version of Office 2010 also suffers from touchy installation problems. The best course of action for office 2010 installs is to

  • Disable Real-time scanning in Microsoft Security Essentials. (See below)
  • Clear up any temporary files using CCleaner. (See below)
  • Pause Carbonite
  • Run the install program as administrator.

Be sure to uncheck the real-time scanning in Security Essentials

Use CCleaner to eradicate all temp files on your system

If you had installed 2010 Beta, be sure to unistall all office products prior to install.

Upgrading from 2007 can also be problomatic, best to do a complete uninstall first.