Best Buy’s 30 day price guarantee is the real deal.

22 07 2012

My New TV

Recently I purchased an LED TV at Best Buy for $999.99. The price was competitive with so I went ahead with the purchase and was told that there is a 30 day price guarantee anyway. If I see it cheaper somewhere else within 30 days I’ll get the difference back.

6 days after buying the TV I see it at Sam’s club for $968.00!! I took a snap of the price on the shelf with my droid 3 and ran on down to Best Buy.

The customer service rep was quick to point out that Sam’s club model number was slightly different to the Best Buy model number and I thought , here we go I’m getting nothing. I purchased a Samsung UN46ES6100 whereas Sam’s had the UN46ES6150. It looked identical and had identical specs. I postulated that the Sam’s TV maybe the next model up given the number was ‘bigger’.

I overpaid!!!

After checking with her manager she announced that the price match was approved and I got the difference in price plus tax without any further questioning.

I did contact Samsung tech support to enquire on the difference, the only difference they saw was in the dynamic contrast. UN46ES6150 has 6,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio while UN46ES6100 has 5,500,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. Like I’ll be able to see the difference :-) The Sam’s TV maybe a  smidgen better, but I was pleased Best Buy didn’t get too picky and have made them my go to resource for tech devices. One can’t put a price on good customer service, Best Buy are awesome!!

Oddly enough we went to Sam’s club before we went to Best Buy, but the smaller selection at Sam’s made deciding what we wanted more difficult, Best Buy had a fantastic selection and we were able to hone in on what we wanted without feeling we may have overlooked a better TV for the price.

Oh by the way the TV is great, it has already replaced our Roku box in terms of what it can do. I added a optional webcam and we can use the TV to make a video call to family in the UK using Skype!! The YouTube player skips a lot, I’ll use Roku for that, but the Pandora app is superior to Roku, Netflix app is very similar.

The iPad Samsung remote control/keyboard app is useless due to bugs, maybe it will improve like a good wine as they fix those bugs. (Update 2012-12-22 Thanks to a new firmware update the Samsung Remote app for iPad and Android now works great).

Smart TV’s are the future, they have rough edges right now, but I see the promise of converging computer and TV into one device that has been expected for decades has arrived, finally!!




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27 07 2012
bea Storer

On your ATT orphaned phone entry….how did you get the code number to enter. I cannot get mine to turn on all it shows is the out of range or No pwer at base. It won’t allow me to enter any numbers

28 07 2012

Enter the numbers even if they don’t display.

Others have had good luck following the instructions I posted. If it doesn’t work for you call AT&T for tech support on 1-888-883-2442

3 11 2012

Hey, great review about these 2 models I’ve been looking for a comparison for a few days and here you got it for me.. well I am definitely will be buying a smart TV Samsung 46″ and had a few doubts with the models but I see that there’s a new model besides the 6100 and the 6150 now I’ve been looking at the 7050 which looks like has a better 3D experience than the other two, but I would love for Samsung to make updates available for these other models now.. and well I am waiting on this black Friday to make the best purchase online I’ve seen the TV for as low as 391 on eBay but Atlas bids and people r competitive there so I definitely will get my smart TV before 2013 just don’t want this to become like apple as soon as you get one I pad the next generation already to be released….

20 12 2012
Janet Cameron

Howdy. I just read your review on Amazon. Can you tell me what the IPhone or iPad app is called? Thank you

22 12 2012

I got the app from the Apple App Store and Android Play.

I added the link to this article.

22 12 2012
Janet Cameron

Samsung must have withdrawn the app. I search Itunes, and it’s not there. If you see it, could you post a screenshot?

23 12 2012

You maybe right. I can still find it on the Android Play Store, Not seeing a listing for apple anymore. It may not be Samsung, Apple may have pulled it. Interesting.

3 12 2022
Logan W

Thanks great bloog

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